Panos Triantafyllou

Dear all,
I’m happy to inform that we successfully migrated Bulgaria SO and IKEA Sofia store to MV8 on Thursday 31/10.
The issues we faced were very few and mainly setup related. Also, the operation of the store was not affected since both all functions, including Store and IFB cashlines, were operating without major disruptions.
The only major issue remaining is to start working with Sales Orders with services which we expect to be live tomorrow morning.
In general we would consider this as a very successful migration and  we are now focusing on the next (and thank God the last ) one, which is BG Central Unit, including ecom and pickup points, next Thursday.
Many thanks to all teams involved in this migration – K3, IIS, Local, HM IT and the surprisingly great support from Navtech which is the local K3 partner.
Best Regards,
Panos Triantafyllou
IT Manager

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Filip Ivanov

Navtech has helped us grow and expand into a new markets. They are a great partners !