Microsoft has transformed the business world and continues to do so by introducing a next-generation AI tool - Microsoft 365 Copilot. The new potential “personal assistant”- your own copilot - combines large language models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph and is integrated in the Microsoft 365 apps, used by millions of people every day. Copilot operates through your business data to perfect your work and provide a thorough analysis in accordance with your needs – by all means, under strict security policy. Based on our recent survey on this innovative AI business tool, here are some of the features of Microsoft Copilot worth mentioning.

A helping hand in enhancing creativity and time-efficiency
Since it is embedded in the Microsoft 365 apps, Copilot may take care of the repetitive day-to-day tasks at work. It works across apps - creating a first draft in Word based on a prompt, analysing and comparing data in Excel, summarizing and transforming it into a unique PowerPoint presentation. These are only a few of Copilot’s capabilities available so as to save time and help you go beyond the usual commands. It visualizes your ideas but as the author you always stay in control – the choice to edit, modify, use or discard Copilot’s suggestions remains yours.

A revolution in business communication and productivity
Copilot is Microsoft’s ultimate way of revolutionising work performance as it has access to your business data such as documents, emails, chats, contacts and serves as your own “personal assistant” in various work tasks. Copilot in Outlook provides a new approach to productivity by generating a summary of email threads, extracting the most important information or drafting replies in just seconds. Furthermore, Copilot in Teams uses the recording of a meeting to “take notes”, outline key points of discussion and even action items so as to never fall behind at work.

Security as the foundation of Microsoft’s AI-powered business chat
Bing Chat Enterprise represents Copilot experience in Microsoft Edge and it is an AI-powered chat for work. The strong pursuit of Bing Chat Enterprise is the security which Open AI tools such as ChatGPT lack. It ensures that no data will be saved or used to train models, making it an actual personal assistant you can trust. Learning new skills, getting help when writing a code, summarizing PDFs open in Edge or simply asking for some team building ideas – Bing Chat Enterprise makes all things possible while preventing the leakage of your company’s data.  

Copilot in Power BI – simplicity in data visualization
Microsoft introduces Copilot in Power BI, its data visualization platform used for business intelligence purposes. The incorporation of Copilot into Power BI allows for the creation of easy-to-understand reports, insight summaries and quick measures all through the means of conversational language. Using something as simple as “Show total sales for Bulgaria this year” would be sufficient for Power BI to display the required data for your report. Consequently, Copilot deals with complex operations by giving them a more simplified and comprehensible look.

Ultimately, Microsoft Copilot incorporates security and efficiency as it is committed to make you surpass your knowledge and skills. It reveals features of the Microsoft apps yet to be explored by many, unleashes your creativity in every-day tasks and works in compliance with your personal business needs. It co-pilots your work by utilizing data and analytics, all in simple natural language. And yet, this is probably only the beginning of an impactful relationship between businesses and Microsoft Copilot.


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