MOUNTAIN AIR - Verbier's largest Sport & Lifestyle Store - Microsoft's latest ERP solution including LS Retail POS with NAVTECH SUISSE

About the solution:
  • Name of the solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP & LS Retail POS
  • Technology used: Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio AL, Azure SQL Database
  • On- or offline: Cloud-ready
  • For customers or employees: Customers (Loyalty Apps) & Employees
  • Hardware or software: Software
  • Live at the retailer since: October 2021

*Mountain Air chose a cloud solution to reduce IT infrastructure costs, among other things.

Name of the case:
MOUNTAIN AIR - Verbier's largest Sport & Lifestyle Store - Microsoft's latest ERP solution including LS Retail POS with NAVTECH SUISSE

Mountain Air, Verbier's largest sports and lifestyle store, offers a diverse range of products and services, including retail, rentals, custom shoe fitting, a restaurant, a private members club, a hairdresser, and equipment repair and maintenance. Despite certain parts of the business operating independently as concessions, such as the rental department and the restaurant, the overall customer experience remains seamless and continuous, whether in-store or online. Customers do not perceive any limitations between the various concessions within the store; for instance, they can pick up items in the store and conveniently pay for them at the rental department.

To achieve this cohesive experience, the existing systems of the concession partners had to be integrated, particularly the rental and restaurant management systems, with Mountain Air's ERP, CRM, and loyalty systems. The ultimate aim was to establish a unified solution that enhances customer relationships and boosts employee productivity. The primary focus is on exceeding customer expectations and allocating more resources to sales and customer service.

After almost 40 years in business, Mountain Air has some seriously loyal customers. Their friends keep coming back year after year because they know how to create inspired experiences in the mountains. The ‘MÈTRES CLUB’ - an evolution of the Sporting Club Verbier - allows you to make the most of those experiences and reap more in-store benefits than ever before.
We have already assisted numerous companies in connecting their businesses, enabling them to make better decisions through cloud-based or on-premise solutions, primarily centered around well-connected customer data.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one ERP solution that has been proven millions of times over and helps mid-sized companies connect finance, sales, production, service, and operations to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions. Combine several separate systems into one. Increase efficiency with automated tasks and develop new, frictionless workflows. Get a complete picture of your business with built-in business intelligence, when and where you need it. With the software, you get comprehensive solutions to cover your needs in the areas of CRM and ERP, a wide range of functions as well as an extended range of services and services related to process optimization in your office operations.

All Microsoft applications under one interface: Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps, Microsoft Flow, etc.

Cloud or on-premises: Choose the deployment concept that best suits your business – SaaS (client only), hosted (on servers in an external data center), or on-premises (on-premises on your servers).

LS Retail POS is an integrated ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with embedded retail functions from the most experienced retail software provider LS Retail. POS and back office communicate live, so you can easily handle loyalty transactions, returns, refunds, and more. There are features to centrally manage products, prices, campaigns, offers, and more for all your physical locations, e-commerce, and m-commerce sites.

  1. Whatever the customer needs are in the mountains, they can be covered online or offline, from ski or bike rental, to the purchase of outdoor clothing and equipment, to lunch.
  2. Customers are welcome on site or online - in the restaurant/shop/rental, everything can be booked or purchased offline or online.
  3. Every first purchase or booking makes you a loyal member and gives you special benefits. The priority service is supported for members of the sports club.
  4. As part of the loyalty membership, customers can request a previous service in advance at any time and pick it up at the store or directly at the hotel. Through the built-in loyalty app, you can order food and the staff can take into account all the allergens of the guests indicated in their loyalty profile.
  5. Pay - more than easy! All common payment methods are available. Flexible payment terms such as credit are possible for the sports club members.

Advantages for the retailer:
  • Improved omnichannel customer experience and support through the integration of all sales channels and key touchpoints
  • Precise cash flow allocation and reporting to concessionaires, for example, the customer can pay invoices in different departments, online or offline, regardless of the operator of the respective department
  • A single ERP platform with centralized support
  • Retention of returning loyalty members/eCommerce through the Loyalty App in the Apple Store and Google Play
  • EDI connection with suppliers, e.g. B2B connection to Zalando

Further retailer benefits:
  • Work wherever you are and always benefit from the full range of functions on your desktop, tablet or smartphone, on Windows, Android or iOS, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Connect people, processes, and insights to make better decisions faster.
  • Deliver better customer care by managing the entire sales process within Microsoft Outlook and achieve better results with connected service operations.
  • Restock inventory based on actual quantities, demand, and availability by automatically triggering orders using built-in business intelligence, sales planning, and anticipated stock-outs.
  • Optimize intermediate storage and picking. Accelerate deliveries and reduce inventory stays with direct turnover.
  • Use real-time data for the location and quantity of each item to better fulfill your customers' orders.
Advantages for the end customer:
  • User-friendly with convenient booking or purchase
  • App-available loyalty program with additional benefits
  • 24/7 availability including all common payment methods
  • SKI Rental orders can be placed online at any time and will be prepared until pick-up on site
Project goal:
  • Implementation of an innovative, fully integrated retail and rental solution for omnichannel retailer Mountain Air
  • Control the business and manage customer needs from one place
  • Ensuring the quality of service for all users as well as end customers across all sales channels
  • Increasing customer experience and customer loyalty
Project scope:
  • MS Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP - a single database
  • LS Retail POS - Front-Office-Operationen und Cash-Management
  • Rental Extension for all rental processes
  • Restaurant & Kitchen Management
  • e-commerce rental and webshop platform
  • White Label - Loyalty App available in the App Store & Google Play
  • Full integration with card payment providers
  • Customer certificates for sports club members and special payment terms
  • Integration with SKI data
  • BI Tableau for financial reporting, budgeting, and planning
  • Fully integrated omni-channel retail and rental solution to enhance customer experience and customer loyalty, based on a globally recognized ERP platform that can be flexibly expanded and customized.
  • Online, offline and omnichannel retailers and landlords worldwide

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